What to Do In Case Your Shower Base Cracked

Shower base cracks are fairly small imperfections that happen inside a bathroom, but often people ignore them for a very long time that they start to affect and even spread to other parts that they become a major problem. It doesn’t take that much to repair one, and even you can do it all by yourself. A shower base crack repair company might also help you in case you don’t have the confidence on doing so. Whatever it is that you choose, here are some steps you can take in case you encounter one.

Clean the Shower Base

Before even proceeding to shower base repair, you must first make sure that the base is properly cleaned to avoid dealing more damage. You can make use of many cleaning agents, but most of the time, just water and soap are enough. If you need to do deep cleaning, however, it is better to contact a professional to avoid making matters worse.

Protect Yourself

Whenever repairing something inside the bathroom, it is always a good call to have yourself protected since you are dealing with concrete and tile materials after all. Face shields and gloves are more than enough in this case, and you can even improvise if you don’t have them.

Sanding the Surface

The surface needs to be leveled and not rough for the repair to be successful. It is also a very crucial step to take note of as epoxy and any other adhesive that you will use should be applied on an even surface. These materials can be easily found in a shower DIY kit, so if you don’t have one, you should make time for it since it’s a worthwhile investment to counter bathroom surface emergencies.

Mix the Filling Material

Epoxy and resin can be mixed to form a potent substance that can easily make the shower base crack repair easier and prevent any form of shower leaks. While mixing, you should still be wearing your safety helmet and gloves as they can be very hard to deal with when they come in contact with your skin or body.

Re-sand the Surface

Afterward, use the sanding paper you used once again to make sure that the surface isn’t problematic. The filler would be more than enough to withstand any types of damage in the future and you would not do this repair once again for years to come.

If you don’t have enough time to do any of these, then a shower base crack repair professional can help you. The price they charge is reasonable, and they work very fast! It’s guaranteed that you won’t experience any leaking and shower problems anymore if you trust their services.

Shower base cracks should not be taken for granted. For repair, contact https://www.showerleaksolution.com.au/

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