Signs to See If Your Natural Stone Products Provider is “Real”

Distributors and dealers race to get the biggest share of natural stone products market. They do many business tricks and techniques to beat or even-up competition. On this fight to supremacy on sale, it is common for the customers and users of natural stones for pavements and landscaping like granite pavers to either gain or suffer the consequences. To avoid the latter, here are some signs that you should see in your distributor or dealers.landscaping_needs2

Labels products accordingly and correctly

Distributors and dealers usually label their products as First, Second and Second Rejects based and accordingly on quality grades.  Granite pavers with second quality grade have very good quality and fit all types of paving or landscaping projects. The second grades are stone products that may not have neat finish but are equally suitable to many patio landscaping projects. First grade stones are usually supplied by big and top stone exporters. Mostly second grade natural products are sold by smaller or independent distributor and sourced their products within the country and from lesser known country origins.

Reveals the exact grade of stocks

It is not uncommon for some dealer and distributors not to reveal the exact grade of their products however an honest supplier doesn’t follow this trick. It is a big mistake to take price as an indicator of first grade natural stone like granite pavers because you can get real quality natural stone products with cheaper tag price if it comes from an honest distributor that reveals the exact grade of his stocks.

Imports from known popular sources

Less reputable dealers have tendency to say they import from popular sources when the truth is they’re getting their stocks from poor sources. If your dealer is a real importer from reputable source, you get wall tiles with high competence level with no traces of grains of sands on the fingers when under pressure. High quality natural stone don’t delaminate when exposed to Australian climate and your dealer should swear on this.

Has strong control on retail outlets

Most quality natural stone providers are builder merchants and have retail outlets that sell packaged stocks. An honest dealer and provider has regular checking methods on their retail outlets to ensure only genuine are sold and not imitations.  If imitation copies are being sold, it is labeled as cheap alternative of the real thing.

If you’re seeing these signs on your dealer or quality natural stone provider, you’re 100% sure you’ll be getting the real thing for your pavements and landscaping projects.

For your pavements and landscaping projects, providers of finest quality natural stone should be your topmost choice. This is what is for.

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