Roofing Style: Add Value to Your Home with a Stylish Roofing System

A hotel accommodation, just like with everything else, it is the sum of its parts. Its value is determined by the intricate details that beautify and adorn it. This includes the roof, which not only serves as protection against the elements but it can also function as an eye-catching component to guests. However, because the roof is exposed to the elements, including extreme heat and rain, only regular repair and maintenance can ensure your roof’s longevity.

roofing1You can add even more value to your apartment with a natural slate roofing system. Slate is naturally beautiful and comes in a wide range of colours and textures. Furthermore, it is durable and easier to maintain than other roof types. However, despite these characteristics, you will still need to avail of professional slate roof repairs for any upkeep concerns.

Natural Slate or Copper

There are several advantages to choosing natural slate for your roofing system. This includes the natural beauty of slate and its lasting quality. A natural slate roof boasts waterproofness, fire-resistance, and resilience against different types of weather. Furthermore, slate is not prone to fungus and mould, making it a more durable roof choice and lessening the need for slate roof repairs.

However, despite these wonderful characteristics, slate as a roofing material has several disadvantages. This includes its considerable weight and fragility when stepped on. This is the reason why only professional roofers who are experts in slate roof repairs should be hired.

In addition, a natural slate roof is also quite costly and complex to install. This type of roofing should not be attempted by an inexperienced roofer. If you are interested in this roofing system, make sure to secure the services of a professional contractor who specialises in natural slate roofs.

Like slate, copper is also a natural, environment-friendly material that can be used for your short term accommodation roof. It’s considerable durable and lightweight, while its other properties include a lasting sheen, easy maintenance and durability, as it is proven resilient against different types of weather. Practical yet beautiful, copper roofing in Sydney can be the answer to your short term accommodation roofing needs.

Whether you choose slate or copper for your roofing system, these distinguished materials can certainly lend additional appeal and lasting value to your apartment or short term accommodation. Contact roofers in Sydney to find out more about the costs of materials and installation before making an informed decision.

Never ignore the roof when it comes to regular exterior repairs and maintenance. Otherwise, you will pay more. So, contract with

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