Signs That Your HVAC is in need of a Maintenance

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is an important part of every property, especially those that are big. No matter the season and the current weather, it is important that the HVAC would function properly as it is the main controller of the temperature inside a building. In that sense, an HVAC system is therefore valuable, and also sensitive. Good thing there are some signs and symptoms that you can easily pinpoint to help you decide whether maintenance is required.

Functioning Without Blowing Air

An HVAC would sometimes still function but will not blow any air. To fully diagnose, you must place your hands near the vent and feel as if your hands are being chilled. There are many reasons for this to happen, and one of the most common is a failing coolant. A leaking one could also be possible. You should also check for the compressor as it could also be malfunctioning.

There are also some cases where the air is still being chilled but it’s flowing in a very weak state. Blocked ducts of an HVAC system could be possible in this case, so make sure that you have this in your notes and give this to a professional repairman.

HVAC Leaks

A cooling tower may sometimes experience leakage of liquid and is one of the most common problems for HVACs. The liquid leak is very dangerous when left unchecked for a very long time as it could interfere with the electrical system and may even damage them heavily. At this point, it is highly recommended that you have your whole system checked and repaired.

Loud and Annoying Noises

A commercial refrigerator is a common appliance that is prone to loud and annoying noises as it is always being used. HVAC units would also suffer this if they are experiencing difficulties when it comes to operating. Most of the time, it is caused by loose screws or even clogged ducts. Fins may also be damaged or are being obstructed by certain objects. To remedy this, a professional is required to check the internal parts of the HVAC units. Most of the time, it will be finished within a couple of hours since it would only require some screwing and also lubrication.

Increased Utility Bills

An HVAC system has a fixed rate of power consumption, and you would figure out how much you’ll pay after some months of use. If by any chance you didn’t add more on the unit and your utility bills have increased, it is safe to assume that something is failing on the inside. In some cases, a failing HVAC isn’t necessarily the reason for this, but it would only require some tuning to function properly once again.

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