EEAA Events and Exhibitions: Still the Most Powerful Face-to-Face Marketing


Those who are in the business of trade and consumer trading enjoy unique business opportunities through exhibitions and trade shows and events organized by the Exhibition and Event Association of Australia. EEAA is one of the most active business events and exhibition organizers in Australia that is dedicated to supporting and representing trade and consumer trading business members. Events and exhibits organized through EEAA are highly targeted and are designed through the themes and goals as well as partner industries such as exhibition stands and booths providers and exhibition designers.

The marketing power of exhibitions

expo_marketing2While digital marketing is the “in” thing in marketing, when it comes to engagement, exhibition and events still deliver genuine results. Members participating in exhibitions are able to experience real engagement from the most active prospect and customers. Through EEAA guidance and regulations, events and exhibition business participants are able to harness all five senses in driving the business’ message to prospects and customers. It means the can see, touch, smell, hear and smell the products or services.  Participants are given the opportunities to create the best and outstanding exhibition display and booths and stand that aimed at creating deep vertical interaction through the service and products offered. Through EEAA exhibits and events, participants are able to enjoy the opportunity of meeting more interested buyers that is more than any other sale activity leading to increased revenues. Events and exhibits offer opportunities to business participants to discover other sales channels as they meet possible buyers by doing product demo using exhibition pods that are well-conceptualized and of the trending ones. It is through exhibitions and events that business genuinely and emotionally connects with customers.

Why business should join exhibitions and events?

Events and exhibitions offer face-to-face engagement between the business and its targeted customers. Such face-to-face marketing still holds significance in persuading customers to try or to give them valuable information on the products and services they have interest on. Most of the visitors are certified decision-makers and involve in buying products or services. On the other hand, the business also fosters partnerships with suppliers or providers such as exhibition designers who can help them in future endeavors and business opportunities.

EEAA calendar is always full and business members are enjoying continuous business opportunities through its future and on-going events and exhibitions. It is promoting exhibitions and events as the most powerful face-to-face marketing channels and with the help of exhibition designers, it is helping business members to have the chance of showcasing their products and services using modern and eye-catching exhibitions booths and displays.

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